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The Ferrari F12 TRS

Hello everybody and today we will be talking to you about the Ferrari F12 TRS special edition which came out into thousand 14 and comes at a price ticket of about $4.2 million and that is not a price to Scoff at. This is literally one of the most amazing cars that has ever been created. You could call the Parar is hyper car and every other company has one. This is our absolute favorite hyper car though because it is a Ferrari. It took them so long to catch up with everybody else in coming out with a hyper car.  All of the other companies like McLaren, Lamborghini, Porsche, koenigsegg, and many others were already ahead of the game. It was only a matter of time before Ferrari came out with one.

This car is so amazing because of the rod power it has. It produces 850 hp out of a naturally aspirated high output be 12. What is better about this car than all the other companies is that the engine is indeed naturally aspirated. All of the other cars used turbos  superchargers. When an engine is naturally aspirated that means it gets the best and most natural throttle response out of any type of engine. It also produces the best sound without a supercharger wine or a turbo spool. A lot of turbocharged cars end up being a bit quieter than they should be because the turbos suck up some of the sound.   On the F 12 TRS the sound is 100% authentic as every single bit of horse power comes naturally. Of course this means that this engine was very complex to build and hence why the car costs the price tag that it does. It was said that this engine was as hard to propagate as a formula one engine from Ferrari.  That means that most likely it cost over $1 million to build this engine with all of the technology and the engineering it took to get an 850 hp raw engine. It is very hard to achieve that much horsepower out of a naturally aspirated motor. To get that kind of power out of that kind of engine it takes precision tuning and the highest quality of parts. Each part is goldplated and made with the finest metals on earth. You have to use the highest quality materials when you’re creating these parts so that they can handle the high output of power that the engine is  producing. This car can easily beat a Lamborghini Aventador in a drag race. The original Ferrari F 12 can do that easily and with this car the Aventador would stand no chance.

This car is also amazing because of the unique look at that it has and the sound. The sound that this car produces is absolutely stunning. We have never heard any type of exhaust from any other car ever created. It literally sounds like a Formula One car is going down the road, the sound is so high pitch. It could easily rival a Pagani  Zonda  Cinqué.

It is absolutely amazing, because our friend over at Pool Builder Sacramento owns one of these. There are only about 50 of them in the world and they are very hard to get. Even if you have the money to buy one you had to be on a special type of list to even get it. Now  that they are out of production though, the price will only continue to soar. We expect this car to be worth anywhere from $15-$20 million within the next five years. please take your time to check out this in-depth review of the Ferrari F12 TRS and let us know what you think in the comment section. Hope you enjoyed our post today and please tune in for more posts coming soon.

The famous McLaren P1

Hello everybody and in this article we have to share with you today we will be talking about the car that is called the McLaren P1. This car is quite extravagant and amazing because it is top luxury and has the highest performance. The McLaren P1 puts out how about 1000 hp and  is a hybrid electric car. This means that it has both a gas engine and an electric engine that work together to produce more power. Each engine is about 500 hp which gives it a whopping 1000.

We wanted to do a review on this car because I think that it is our favorite super car out of the lot of them. Sitting at a price tag of almost $1.5 million, this car is not one to Scott fat. Only the richest of the rich can afford cars like this. Our friend over at  San Diego CA roofing has one of these cars and it is absolutely beautiful. It is completely blacked out and you have never seen anything like it. This car literally school reams luxury when you look at it. We have never seen a car quite like this one and will not   Another for a very long time. One time we got to ride in our friends car and it had a 0 to 62 mph rating of 2.2 seconds which is faster than any other street legal car on the planet. It looks so rich off the line so fast that it will ping you back in your seat and you won’t be able to move. The G force that pushes on your body is Ver on time we got to ride in our friends car and it had a 0 to 62 mph rating of 2.2 seconds which is faster than any other street legal car on the planet. It accelerates off the line so fast that it will ping you back in your seat and you won’t be able to move. Get the G force that pushes on your body is so amends y emense.  This is definitely a car that is going to give you a thrill when you’re driving it. You actually won’t be able to get enough because it is so fun!

Recommended that if you are a car enthusiast and if you have a lot of money that you pick one of these up for yourself. Don’t be surprised if you get put on a very long waiting list to go because it takes about one year to build one of these babies.

Exotic Italian Cars

Ferrari F12

Let’s go over the subject of exotic Italian cars. In this post we will be talking about car brands such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Pagani. These are the top three luxury car brands in Italy. They hold some of the fastest street legal cars in the world.

These cars are very luxury and extremely fast and very expensive. It only makes some of the worlds most fascinating cars. From the sound of them, to the look, to the speed these cars are some of the greatest in the whole entire world. Our favorite of the three is Ferrari. Ferrari was the first of the three brands to come around. Lamborghini was actually started by somebody who worked for Ferrari and had their own vision of a car brand, so he left for Ari and started Lamborghini. Lamborghini has been able to become a very successful exotic car brand, competing directly with Ferrari for many years now. Pagani is the car brand that is in a class of its own. This does not directly compete with for orient Lamborghini because their cars are up quite a bit more expensive. Their average car price runs about $1 million which makes this car is much more exclusive been Lamborghini. If you drive down the streets of Los Angeles California, you will see a Lamborghini or a Ferrari me which way. But there are only four Pagani’s in the whole United States. Out of all the cars that company has ever sold, they only have about 200 in total on the road. That is a very small audience because they market their cars to a whole new class of people.

Ferrari started back in the 1950s and was the first car brand to hit Italy. People are fascinated when the first Ferrari came out. There was one car called the 599 GTO that was released back in the 1960s, and this car is now worth over $30 million today. That is not a number to Scoff at. Old classic Ferraris are some of the rarest and most expensive cars in the world. That company and Bugatti are tied for the most expensive car in history. All of these car brands are known for excellence and quality with every car being completely handbuilt. Pagani has a car that takes over one year to build, costs $1.3 million, and every piece on it is completely handcrafted. Leather seats are made of the worlds finest leather and hand stitched together. The logo on that car takes 24 hours to make out of a solid block of aluminum. The rims are also made of a solid block of aluminum. The body of their car is made of carbon fiber and titanium mix called carbotanium. It is meant to be stronger and wider than any other material that is on the market today. If you look at a crash test of the Pagani Zonda, Then you will see that it barely makes any damage to the body of the car crashing at 60 mph into a solid metal wall. All of these exotic cars are built to be incredibly safe. There have been stories of people rolling Lamborghinis at 155 mph and not even having a scratch on their body.

Everything about these cars is amazing and if you can afford it, they are something that you should definitely buy at least once in your lifetime. They are going to give you the largest through all of your life as well as act as a work of art.

Check out car and driver for a review on the Ferrari f12

American muscle cars

American muscle car

Our subject of conversation in this blog post today will be about American muscle cars. We wanted to talk about this because we think American muscle cars are a great type of car to have. And American muscle car is something that you are really going to get A bang for your buck. With most of them not costing over $70,000 giving you 700 hp makes them some of the best cars on the market to buy. American muscle cars have always been very powerful cars and fast as well. Back in the day they were really on aerodynamic and they were not that fast. They had a lot of lose power, but most of that did not touch the road. In the recent future though, American muscle car makers have done a very good job of making sure that every ounce of power from that car hits the road. Be most powerful stock American muscle car is the Shelby GT500 super snake mustang. This car Creates a whopping 900 hp with 800 to the rear wheels. That is absolutely ridiculous and it makes it one of the fastest street legal cars in the world. With this top speed of about 225 mph, this car will literally paying you back in your seat when you accelerate. This car however is a bit more expensive than the rest. It brings in a price tag of about $130,000, but considering how fast it goes for that price, you are getting a lot for your dollar still. Most cars that go to 125 mph are going to cost you $500,000 and up at the least. there are very few Lamborghinis that can even go that fast, and the price tag on a Lamborghini Aventador SUV is going to cost you around $600,000 MSRP. So we’re talking quite a hefty price tag for for a car that goes that fast. You are still getting a bang for your buck when it comes to the show me GT500 super snake.

There are other cars that are ridiculously powerful as well. A stock Mustang GT put out 550 hp. That is a stock mustang with no supercharger what you can get for around $30,000. That is the biggest bang for your buck we have ever seen in any car that is on the market. You can’t even soup up old cars for that price. The other two cars are the Dodge Challenger hellcat in the Dodge charger hellcat. Both of those put out a stock horse Power rating of 707. Each car goes over 200 mph as well. Muscle cars these days are breaking into the supercar world competing against Lamborghinis and Ferraris easily. They’re going to start giving those cars a serious run for their money. So you better watch out exotic car owners for all the new bang for your buck cars that are coming out. So if you are looking for a car that is going to give you everything you want power wise and have a great look for a great price, then an American muscle car is the perfect type of car for you!

Pagani Huayra

Pagani Huayra

In today’s post we are going to be talking about our dream car. This car is perhaps one of the most elegant machines to ever be shown on this planet. Everything about this car is complete nuts and it is literally a piece of art on wheels. So enjoy the information we are about to share.

The Pagani we are talking about in this blog is a true masterpiece. Everything about this car makes it working art. From the curves, to the handcrafted chassis, to the finely tuned goldplated AMG by turbo V 12. Everything about this car makes it absolutely bonkers to drive. Recently one of the members of this blog actually got a chance to drive one of these cars. That is literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because they only release about 10 of these cars every single year. It is a fact that there are only four of them in the United States and they will continue to be very limited over there. With a price tag of over $1.3 million you should expect everything excellent out of this car and that is exactly what you get. The Pagani Huayra
is completely 100% handcrafted from the reels all the way to the custom exhaust. It is said that each aluminum wheel takes five days to create out of one solid piece of aluminum. The aluminum badge itself takes 17 hours to carve out. And we are talking something that is only 6 inches long. Could you imagine how long it takes to create anything else on the car? It is a fact that this car takes over one year to assemble and you have to preorder it way in advance. Some of the owners of the cars today pre order their cars five years before it even came out. This car was the owner’s dream and it came true for him. You started announcing the release for this car 10 years before it actually came out. This car was literally his vision for the last decade. It is said in an interview by the owner of Pagani that this call represents the force of wind itself. No isn’t that something!? We think it is and that is why Would recommend the Square to anybody that is rich looking for the perfect car to fulfill their wildest dreams.

Another amazing thing about this car is in the raw power that it puts out. The Pagani Wairoa has a twin turbo AMG tuned V 12 that puts out fire 730 brake horsepower. That results in a zero to 60 mph rating in less than 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 230 mph. That is just absolute lewdly ridiculous and that makes it one of the fastest production car’s in the world. Of course there are other cars that are much faster like the Bugatti Verone and other cars like that, but they simply do not have anything else in common with the Pagani. The fact that this car is completely handcrafted makes it stand out. This isn’t just a car, it is literally a masterpiece that needs to be put in a glass box and never touched again. When these cars go out of commission, the price of them is going to skyrocket and it is only going to become a collectors novelty for years to come. We could see this car being worth over $50 million in the next 100 years because this car is just nothing that has ever been done before. The owner of pagani he really did an amazing job and we just want to congratulate him on that. If you are interested in this car and other Pagani models then you should check out their website at Pagani automobilli

Go ahead and look at this video of the construction of the new Pagani car. This video will literally blow your mind with the process they went to in creating this car and actually bringing it to life.


Southwest mopar club

Ford Mustang

Hello everybody and welcome to Southwest mopar club. This is a blog that is dedicated to cars. We are a group of car loving enthusiasts that have gotten together to create an awesome blog for you guys that we hope you will be able to take a lot of good information from. We are group of people that loves going to car shows and talking about the latest in hot as cars that are around. We are into old cars, classic cars, exotic cars, hyper cars, ect. Will pretty much love any car that screams awesomeness when you look at it. You can expect to see posts on this blog that are about different types of cars and specific reviews of certain models. We will provide in depth reviews of specific models of cars that you would like us to review. For example if you would like us to do a review on a Lamborghini Aventador then we will go into detail about that car of the pros and cons and tell you if you should buy it or not.

Overall we just want to be that blog that you can go to for all of your questions about exotic cars etc. We also want to provide entertainment for you guys. So next time you were looking for some great information about cars, then you should definitely give us a look and remember to check out the contact cars portion of the website if you would like to get in contact with us for any specific questions about cars that you have.